March 27-29, 2017

The theme for our 2017 DSI US Licensing Automation Summit is “It Takes a Team”. It takes a cohesive team to run a successful business, licensing program, and to develop winning partnerships. Each year we offer our clients an opportunity to share best practices, expand their experience of our software, and network with like users in an entertaining and educational forum. This year we will offer this with emphasis on teaming up with third parties, internal stakeholders and with the DSI community to improve processes.

On March 27th, 2017 DSI’s LAS attendees will convene at the Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach, CA. the only oceanfront hotel in Los Angeles. Breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the inviting nautical beach décor will be the backdrop as we take a look at techniques to run a successful licensing business by giving attendees the tools to optimize their teams.

Agenda Topics*:

Collaboration In Building Universes Growing Revenue
Financial Power Players
DSI Roadmap Conquering Activity Logs
Help Licensees Score With Payable
Forecasting To Improve Business Practices
Paying Agents, Managers and Third Parties with Participations
Client Service Team Playbook
Tips on Coaching Internal and External Users
Income Statements/ Current Period Activity

*Please note these items are subject to change

LAS US PRICING $795 per person
Register & pay upon registration (we now take Paypal)
(15% Discount available for 2 or more attendees from same company)


Last year Licensing Automation Summit…

DSI team and clients spend a fun afternoon at the WB VIP Tour. Batman exhibit.

DSI LAS attendees got to role play on the set of Friends

Attendees donned the steps leading to the Oscars Kodak Theater at Hollywood & Highland


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