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University Trademarks: How Licensing Has Changed the Game for Collegiate Institutions

How often have you been drawn to a college mascot or logo as you walk through Wal-Mart, flip through television channels, or read the news? Art,…

Embracing Software Updates

What kinds of factors play a part in your business’ decisions when deciding to upgrade your software? The anticipation of cool new features…

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Computer Protected

How comfortable do you feel doing your online banking on your computer? How about checking your investments? Are you sure your data is safe from…

Competing on a Global Scale

Global Branding For any company, the goal is to create a business that is not only successful on a national scale but a global one. Expanding to…

What to Expect from Your Investments: Royalties

What is a Royalty? Royalties are payments made by the licensee to the licensor for the right to use the asset patented by the licensor. Normally,…

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Importance of Protecting Your Ideas Companies depend on the next big idea being the one that will skyrocket their company. At the very minimum,…

Licenses and Intellectual Properties

In this modern age when everything moves at a rapid fire pace, so must your ideas. In all the hustle and bustle, you must take the time to protect…


Jun 21 2018
Dive Social Club in Los Angeles
The Stalking Horse Brewery
10543 Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064
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Jun 27 2018
MindMix 2018: Global Licensing 2025—The Future is Now!
Heathrow House
Bath Road
Hounslow TW5 9AT
United Kindgom
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Jul 19 - 22 2018
Comicon International
San Diego, CA
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Aug 13 - 15 2018
MAGIC August 2018
Las Vegas
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