Case Studies


BuzzFeed is the world’s leading independent digital media company. BuzzFeed’s brand licensing program ramped up very quickly with many large partners creating a tremendous volume of approvals. Buzzfeed knew that automation was the answer to staying on top of the myriad of agreements, approvals and products generated with feedback internally and with their outside partners. They found themselves rapidly looking for a licensing automation system as the manual processes were not sustainable nor scalable using just Email and Slack, which did not give BuzzFeed an audit trail or central place to track and measure brand activity.

BuzzFeed chose Dependable Solutions as a partner to help memorialize the brand licensing processes to help make better decisions in a timelier fashion.

The results of their successful implementation rewarded the licensees as they were thankful that an organized automated system was in place that made BuzzFeed brands easier to approve in their business processes. All new licensees came to rely on the improved procedures in place that were expected from BuzzFeed as a digital agency.

Additionally, the services and additional training from DSI helped BuzzFeed get a strong start and they appreciated the continued monthly training to keep their staff up to date. BuzzFeeders have commented that they found the DSI systems to be user friendly, especially with licensees, right out of the box.

BuzzFeed gives DSI an official !


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