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Navigating Your Content Library: The Game-Changing Tools That Make Accessing Your Files Fast and Simple

EL SEGUNDO, CA – September 4, 2017

September 4, 2017 – Each day at the office consists of adding to a long to-do list and shuffling priorities in order to be most efficient. DSI continues to offer the latest technology to streamline licensing processes for both brand owners and licensees, and coming soon, DSI set to release improvements to the user interface, which will improve functionality in the content library.

It is easy to get lost within the files stored within your content library, but new tools have been developed to make organization a breeze. With a retractable menu for searching content and reaching designated folders, screen space is optimized for viewing images and files. There is no guessing which image is which or even what page one can be located. The enhanced viewing ability and paging feature provide larger images and infinite scrolling that make finding content easier. Once the desired content is found, close or pin the menu while still saving the search history.

In addition to managing files, the user interface conveniently provides options for keeping up with contacts and pending approvals.  To provide an intuitive interface, DSI has created features that allow designated individuals to follow contacts or assign tasks in order to have less administrative overhead and more flexibility for recipients. By utilizing these new tools in your own content library, you will soon be cutting the guessing games and saving precious time of productivity.

About Dependable Solutions, Inc.

Dependable Solutions, Inc. (DSI) delivers the latest financial management and creative approval systems and services to agents, licensors and licensees by experienced specialists with licensing, creative, and royalty backgrounds. DSI is based in Los Angeles, with offices in Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and London, with clients worldwide. For more information about DSI, please visit


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